Library Rules

  1. All the students and members of Staff are membersof the library.
  2. A student can borrow only 02 books at a time for a period of one week. Members of Staff, including Principal can borow maximum 05 books at a time  for a period of one fortnight.
  3. Re-issue of books by a User is allowed maximum twice more after first issue.
  4. Books issued are to be properly looked after and returned on the due dates, failing which a fine of Re. 1/- per day will be charged.
  5. Newly purchased books will not be issued to any user at least one month ( as it will be displayed separately as New Arrivals), Reference books, Current Periodicals/Newspapers are to be read in the library only. However, the old issues of the Periodicals/Back Volume Journals can   be issued for one week,one at a time.
  6. Only subject Reference books from Reference sections can be issued for home use on those days when the successive day is a holiday.The book will have to be returned on the next working day. Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and Thasaurus will not be issued.
  7. One set of Text books can be issued to teachers for the subject being taught by them for the whole session.
  8. In case a User loses a book he/she will have to either replace the book or deposit 03 times the price of the book in the Library.
  9. All markings, underlining,annotations or defacing of books, periodicals & newspapers by any means  is strictly forbidden.
  10. Before leaving the library each person shall return to the  Librarian or can keep the book in the Cupboard.Avoid misplacement of book from one Cupboard to other.
  11. All the Users are advised to achieve the optimum level of library utilization.
  12. Silence shall be strictly observed in the Library.
  13. The Library will remain open on all working days and the entire duration of School hours.


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